Can I Live In My Home While It Is Being

Can I live in my home while it is being renovated?

When #Spannenberg and Son is adding your #extension we usually have the new work locked up, #roof on and walls #clad before we need to break into the existing #home , on our #firstflooradditions we even have the gyprock installed before we cut the hole for the stair well, where we proceed to install the stairs and do the fixout(doors and architraves) While this is all going on we generally have not touched your existing living areas so Yes you can continue to live in your home. This is one huge benefit over a knock down rebuild or selling and buying new. Of course often we will be removing internal walls or rebuilding your #kitchen and #bathroom and then you may have to consider whether the place is safe and liveable or would you need to move out for a period of time? Most of our clients continue to live in their home while we are renovating. #Spannenberg&Son #Since1971

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  • Monday, June 11, 2018