Colour Light Warmth Make Your Home A

#Colour #light #warmth

Make your #home a #beautiful place to #live.

The latest fashion is all neutrals, be bold and add colour to your room, and I mean real colour, used in moderation it can look lovely.

Use light globes that have warm light to create a nice #ambiance, use chandeliers and light fittings to dress things up a bit.

Balance with some earthy colours and gold colours.

We don’t have to all be Scandinavian and minimalist.

Don’t be scared, be bold with your #interior design, make your home something special, and when you sit down on that bean bag at the end of a busy day with a glass of red wine in hand, you will feel so good, so rested in your space, you created.

Post Date
  • Thursday, December 21, 2017